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Precision ElectronicsMicrominiature Thermal Protector

Otsuka Techno’s thermal protector is a safety device used in batteries to control the current in response to changes in abnormal temperature.

■<Technical Features>

・In addition to detecting the heat, our thermal protector have the function to interrupt the current only when abnormal heat is generated. With this function, no current losss shall occur when normal use, while the current can be shut off on the abnormal situation.
・They are especially adopted in lithium-ion secondary batteries.
・While there are many digital control parts using various semiconductor technologies nowadays, parts like our products that move by reliably and analogly detecting the actual heat are also demanded.
・By fusing precision plastic molding technology and precision press technology, we have achieved an ultra-compact size of about 5mm length and about 1mm thickness.
・We are also considering further miniaturization and developing products that support large energization capacities to meet the market demands.


■<Example of specification>

・Body size: L5.8 x W3.7 x t1.05 mm (w/o terminal part)
・Operating temperature: 72℃-90℃ ±5℃
・Resistance value: 2~5mΩ
・Contact rating: DC9V/12A 6,000 times
※We have a wide range of lineup. Specifications may differ per variety.