Business Descriptions

Precision ElectronicsLow Reflection Structure

New plastic molding technology that enables to make products overwhelmingly black. Utmost blackness achieved with a reflectance of 0.2% only from the molding process!

■<Technological features>
・This is a technology to set a micro pattern to the product on plastic molding process. This is called a “Low reflection structure”.
・Low reflection structure enables to suppress light reflection to the utmost limit and create an devastating black surface only by the molding process.
With this technology, post-porcess such as painting or coating might be able to be eliminated which contributes to reduce manufacturing process and environmental load.

*Patented technology of Otsuka Techno*

■<Considered for>
・Anti-reflection or blackning in design in; In-vehicle equipment, Clock, Sensor, Measuring equipment, Cameras, Lenses, Stationery, Furniture, Home appliences etc.