Business Descriptions

Gas Control ProductsOT Film

It is a functional film with a special molecular structure that exhibits high gas permeability.

Suitable for MA packaging of leafy cut vegetables. By controlling the gas concentration in the bag, the respiration of cut vegetables is suppressed and the freshness can be prolonged. As for business use, it will enable customers to deliver ingredients kept fresh to their end users.
On using the original gas permeation characteristics of the film, it exerts the function on the entire surface of the film.
It does not have ventilation holes or contain other additives such as inorganic substances. Since degassing packaging is possible, it will also be possible to reduce the volume during transportation.
Polyolefin-based materials are used for the film.
With this fiim, food loss measures such as extending the expiration date of the contents can be expected as a measure to reduce the environmental load.