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Entrusted Sterilization and PackagingEntrusted Sterilization and Packaging

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Examples of contracted sterilization-related matters
-Select sterilization method of customer's choice, or by our proposal best for each product, then Otsuka Techno will arrange actuall process with our partner companies
-Primary packaging before sterilization
-Various consulting about sterilization
-Validation of Sterilization (proposal of sterility dose setting)
-Proposal of sterility basis test (not applicable to medical devices)
-Consultations to comply with the Japan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act related to sterility, or for related regulatory applications
-Introduction and arrangement of sterile packaging materials
-Proposal of measures against material deterioration due to radiation sterilization

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Examples of contracted packaging
-Subdividing or indivisual re-packaging of bulk products
-Kitting of Medical devices, combining, packaging
-Arrangement of radiation-resistant packaging materials and sterilized packaging materials, containers, and bags suitable for each sterilization method
-Processes in clean rooms
-Packaging validation (cleaning validation)
-Primary packaging, Requests, delivery, storage at sterilizer, and delivery to end users (One-stop and optimization of related management work)

Please count on us not only for the development and molding of medical equipment, inspection equipment, packaging materials, but also from primary packaging before sterilization to packaging, sterilization requests, delivery, and storage!
We are also capable to undertake sterilization-related management work as one-stop service.