Business Descriptions

Medical Plastic Products Infusion Package-related Products

Equipped with a clean room that supports high quality, we have developped efficient and consistent production lines from molding to assembly and packaging.

<Infusion Cap>
We mold and assemble infusion caps composed of a partially thinned molded part and a rubber liner.
Stable thin film accuracy contributes to ease of opening during use, and rubber liners contribute to improved functionality.

<PP Needle>
We are able to design PP Needles which have enough tip strength to penetrate the rubber liner on vial containers with low resistance.
These needles are used in kit products to mix saline with the formulation in the vial.

We mold products consit of 2 types of resins in a single mold.
We are capable of designing products with both functionality and design, and also cost effective.

For bag films for infusion, we adopt co-extruded multilayer film by the water-cooled inflation molding method. We have built a system to stably supply high-quality products in a clean room.