Business Descriptions

Medical Plastic Products Film Development

Utilizing the know-how cultivated in the production of infusion bag films, we are developping functional films with new value.

<Strrength of Otsuka Techno>
-Avaliable to manufacture Co-extruded multilayer film by water-cooled inflation molding method
-By making multiple layers, it is possible to take advantage of the characteristics of each resin and form a highly functional film according to the request.
-Manufacture in Clean room which complies ISO class 7.
-Quality control according to the Japanese Pharmacopoeia
-Capable to design an appropriate layer structure using olefins and functional resins, according to the customer’s needs.

<Application example>
Cell-culturing bag
Food tray
Single use bag-in-box for cell cryopreservation
Environmentally friendly film using biomass raw materials