Business Descriptions

Medical Plastic Products Drug Inhalation Device

Possible to design products according to the characteristics of the medical agent!

-Weighing multi-dose type
-Compact and easy to carry
-Easy to operate and easy to use
-Intrapulmonary delivery performance design using fluid analysis
-Mechanism for achieving drug dosage accuracy

<Specification Example>
-Number of parts: 29
-Steps on using: 4
-Maximum number of counters: 100 (adjustable up to 120)
-Air blow for 4kPa: 50.0±2 [L/min]
-Capacity of Medical agent hopper (Maximum): appx. 1,400 [㎣]
-Weighing size: 4.5 [㎣] (adjustable up to 8.4㎣)
-Main raw material for parts to contact medical agent: PC. PP ( both include antistatic agents)