Based on our corporate philosophy of “Striving to make broad contributions to society by creating value to satisfy our customers’ needs based on a worldwide vision”, after starting our business operations, we have continued to work to ensure a stable supply of highquality plastic products for pharmaceutical packaging such as intravenous solution containers and packaging components.

Building upon our innovative molding technology, we have further expanded into the high-precision molding of plastic products. We are engaged in the manufacture of “plastic products for pharmaceutical/healthcare products” and “precision plastic products” as our primary business activity.

As rapid advances continue to be made in the field of information technology, there is increasing demand for plastic products of ever higher quality, including greater diversity and improved specific characteristics, in many fields. In addition to the need for alternative materials to replace conventional metals, light-weight, miniaturized parts for products, and cost reduction, further technological advances are required in order to maximize the functional capabilities of plastics.

In order to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers, we are constantly striving to provide a wide variety of plastic products by applying our well defined molding technology as well as by using highly functional plastic resins, engineering plastics, and general-use plastics.

Our research efforts continue around the clock to develop and market high-value products with new functions and performance capabilities.

In line with our corporate philosophy and based on both domestic and global perspectives, we will continue working to achieve even higher goals both domestically and globally.

We will dive into “Only we can do”, “We can because we are Otsuka Techno”, going on to contribute to society through manufacture.

Kanji Tsukii, President