Message from the President

Since the foundation, Otsuka Techno Corporation has been manufacturing and supplying plastic parts for infusion solution containers as pharmaceutical products under the corporate philosophy ; “We stand on a global scale, create new value for customer satisfaction and contribute to society at large.”  We have made use of our molding technology to enter the precision product molding and processing and have developed “medical products” and “precision products” also as our core business.

With the rapid progress of the information-oriented world, plastic products have become more diversified and individualized, and high quality has been demanded in all fields. In addition to the traditional themes of substituting metals, such as reducing the weight and size of parts and lowering costs, technological innovation to make best use of the features of plastics is required. In order to meet these needs, we are using our advanced molding technology to challenge new materials and to propose high value-added products with new functions and characteristics to the market. With the progress of globalization, we will keep our eyes not only on the information and trends in Japan, but also on the world at large, and continue to challenge ourselves to achieve even higher goals.

We will continue to pursue “what only Otsuka Techno can do” and “what we can do because we are Otsuka Techno” and contribute to the world through manufacturing.

We look forward to receiving your candid feedbacks and encouragement.

President and Representative Director
Kenichi Kusaka