Environmental Activities

Plastics smart campaign

The Japan Ministry of the Environment launched a plastic smart campaign to encourage various actors, including individuals, local governments, NGOs, companies, and research institutes, to collaborate and to address for the global marine plastic problem.Otsuka Techno affirms this idea and is working towards the marine plastic problem.

Creating forests in collaboration with Tokushima

In January 2019, we signed a partnership agreement between 10 Otsuka Group companies and Tokushima Prefecture Japan, Tokushima Forest Development Promotion Organization, for the “FAB Tokushima Forest Development Project” to concentrate on forest development.

Cleaning activity in Naruto industrial complex

Otsuka Techno head office and Naruto factory clean the Naruto industrial complex every year together with the council companies of the and also with the Naruto city.

Wajiki River Adopt Activity

The Wajiki Factory participates in river adopt activities to clean the Nagakawa riverbed three times a year.

Coastal cleanup activities

Tree planting activity

Otsuka Techno participate in a council for companies in the Nakagawa-river basin, and together with other companies in this council, clean the coastal area of ​​the mouth of the Nakagawa river every spring and plant trees in the upper reaches of the Nakagawa river every fall.

Solar power

At each of our factories, we have introduced solar power generation and are working to reduce CO2 emissions by utilising natural energy. Currently, solar power generation are operated at the head office, mold center, Naruto 2nd factory, Wajiki 3rd and 4th factory.
Power generation: 221,000 kwh/year
CO2 emissions/reduction effect: 117t-CO2/year
(CO2 emission factor calculation: 0.000529 t-CO2/kwh)

Otsuka group sutainability

Based on the Otsuka group corporate philosophy, we will work to solve social issues through our business and aim to realize both our own sustainable growth and a healthy and sustainable world. For this aim, we will work to achieve activity goals that contribute to a more sustainable society and to the earth environment betterment, based on our optimal governance system.Materiality (important items) and various initiatives are disclosed at the “Otsuka Group Sustainability Site”.

Otsuka group sustainability site