Combining technologies of current hoop-insert precision molding and newly introduced processes, production system of thermal protector (breaker) has been established to supply safety device for lithium ion battery.

Outline of Thermal Protector (Breaker)

OT Breaker is one of the safety solution to protect lithium ion battery from abnormal overcharging and heating which may cause flame or rapture.
Lithium ion battery may cause over-heating and ignition if it is kept under over charged situation. Thermal protector (breaker) may be attached to lithium ion battery to shut-off the current at abnormal high temperature caused by overcharge etc., preventing from further over-heating and possible ignition.
After temperature goes down to normal level, thermal protector will stop shutting-off the circuit, allowing to resume the current to flow.
Thermal protector (breaker) has an advantage to be used repeatedly with its reparability, in comparison with other safety devices, such as thermal fuse, which has "one way only" function.
Thermal protector (breaker) has another advantage that no current loss is generated below shut-off temperature, different from polymer PCT.
OT Breaker is suitable for larger current application (Tablet PC / Note PC etc.).
Safety Standards
TUV Certificate