We have established excellent quality control technology to support our customers who have top market share in each industory, such as intra venous solution market in Japan and white LED market in the world.

Proposal Power and Technology

As a trusted partner for deveopment, we are not only enhancing our proposal power and technology but also gaining flexiblity esponding to various customers' needs.

Clean & Green

All of our plastic products, recognized not only in the medical and pharmaceutical applications but also in other markets, are born in Wajiki Factory, where the fundamentals such as clean rooms supporting the production of high quality products manufactured in a series of efficient and consistent production line from molding and assemblying to packaging. Along with its higher environmental concern for surrounded nature and for the people working at, this "Clean & Green" Factory is expected for its further contribution to our business.


We believe that the key for manufacturing excellent product is persuit of its thorough quality control. Trial molding and adjustment of high precision mold prepared by state-of-art machine are repeated as much as possible to satisfy the requirements of our customer.
Our ceaseless quest for quality is not limited to the improvement of the production line; but strict and precise testing and inspection are carried out from raw materials to final product, such as raw material receiving inspection, functional test, appearance and contamination check, microbiological test, etc. Aiming for "Absolute quality assurance," we are accumulating our effort day by day.