We provide food packaging materials designed such functions as releasing excess pressure inside the container, controlling permeation of certain gas,or separating water dripped from the food, contributing to serving safe and fresh foods.

OT Film

OT Film is a functional film with extraordinary gas permeability composed of materials of special molecular structure. Since gas permeability of the film is derived from basic properties of its material, the functionality is observed at all surface of the film. No physical structure such as through hole nor other ingredients such as inorganic material is added.

OT Tray

OT Tray is a specially designed food packaging container separating water drips from its contents, such as cut fruit, sliced tomato or fresh meat.
Water drips are kept in the retention area at the bottom of the container, and a separator cover with slits is placed over the retention area.

Navel Valve

Navel Valve is attached to an air tight container to prevent from expansion or breakage of the container releasing excess pressure inside.
It also prevent from penetration of outer air to keep the quality of the food in the container.