We have established the technologies to manufacture high performance plastics products, which have thermal stability, chemical resistance, conductivity or abrasion resistance. We will offer total solution from designing and manufacturing to inspection for the products using such functional materials fitting to our customers' needs.

Example for offering a suitable functional material:

  • <Scale 1> indicates insufficient for the customer's requirements, while
  • <Scale 3> indicates just meeting the customer's requirements, and while
  • <Scale 5> indicates far above the customer's requirements.

Application Example

Parts with high conductivity
Most of plastics are electric insulator and tend to accumulate static charge. Plastics also have higher shrinkage at molding, causing difficulty to ensure dimension accuracy of molded products. Therefore metal parts have been preferred as jigs and parts for electric products, taking advantage of their conductivity and accuracy of dimensions.
Replacing metal parts, plastic parts of various shapes with high conductivity and accurate dimensions are molded in Otsuka Techno, utilizing high performance materials whose electric properties and shrinkage at molding are improved.
Content protection by overmolding technology
By overmolding technology, contents such as electronic circuit boards are covered with resin to be protected against impacts from outside. Superior overmolding technology such as water proof and durability against environmental impacts are applied for various needs of our customers.